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Sao Miguel Fisherman Terceira Windmill
Map of the Azores

Accommodation in the Islands of the Azores.

Described as fragment of Europe adrift in the Atlantic between Lisbon and New York.
The volcanic Azores islands extend over 645 kms.
The nine islands are divided in 3 groups as follows:

Island Description
Sao Miguel The largest island which is famed for its crater lakes while the regional capital, Ponta Delgada, has many fine 17th and 18th century Baroque churches.
On the east side of the island is the spa resort of Furnas which has steam vents, hot springs, boiling mud and other types of volcanic activity.
Sao Miguel hotels
Santa Maria This island was the first to be discovered by Portuguese explorers in 1427.
It has many coves and sandy beaches, a spectacular landscape and a temperate year round climate.
Volcanic activity has left furnas, deep chasms and tunnels, some of which can be visited with a guide.
Big game fishing is available at the coastal communities.
Santa Maria hotels
Island Description
Terceira Angra do Heroísmo is the capital and the main port of the island.
It had major strategic significance during the period of the great Portuguese maritime discoveries.
In 1983 the central area of the city was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site.
A geological reserve in the centre of the island has underground grottos and lakes.
Terceira island
Graciosa This island is a peaceful retreat with windmills, fine houses and 16th century churches.
On the southwest of the island is Furna do Enxofre which is a large underground grotto and lake. Your visit to this attraction should be at midday when it is lit by shafts of sunlight.
Graciosa Island
Sao Jorge The island is famous for its cheese and other dairy products and has many 17th century paintings.
Its micro climate enables many tropical fruit and dragon trees to flourish.
Sao Jorge island
Pico Pico has Portugal's highest peak at 2,350 metres which attracts climbers from all over the world.
The centre of the island is a nature reserve to preserve the original flora and fauna of the islands.
Lajes on the south coast is the region's main whale watching centre.
Pico island
Faial The capital, Horta, is a regular meeting point for yachts crossing the Atlantic.
In the centre of the island is a volcanic crater about a mile in diameter which has the luxuriant vegetation that used to cover the islands.
Faial island
Island Description
Corvo In the north west is Monte Gordo, the peak of a huge marine volcano.
The main attraction of the island is a green crater lake dotted with nine islets.
The only centre of population is one small village.
Corvo Island
Flores Europe's most westerly point, this island is considered to be the prettiest in the Azores.
The capital, Santa Cruz, has an interesting museum and several historic monuments.
In the centre of the island are seven lakes that are worth visiting - especially when the hydrangeas are in bloom.

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