Penis Envy Cubensis Spore Syringe

Mushrooms is considered one of just a few spore distributors that carry the unique true AUTHENTIC penis envy mushroom spores ! The rationale this pressure of cubensis mushroom spores is so tough to seek out is as a result of much less then %5 of the mushrooms drop spores. The Penis Envy mushroom is a mutant mushroom in a way. It’s previous and unstable, none the much less this is without doubt one of the best cubensis spores obtainable and has an enormous following of followers on the web. We now have discovered many web pages with whole boards dedicated to this one pressure of cubensis, it’s that in style!

The Penis Envy mushroom was initially rumored to be engineered by the well-known entheogenic mycologist/enthobotanist Terence McKenna, God bless his resting spirit. For these not conversant in Terence McKenna he was a well-known writer, speaker, mycologist, botanist on psychoactive crops and fungi and he does have many good books out together with my considered one of my favourite “Meals of the Gods.” Sadly Terence McKenna died years in the past of a mind tumor and now resides in Gods palms.

Just a few years in the past a author doing a narrative was monitoring down the historical past on the Penis Envy Cubensis as a result of it is so distinctive, and has such an enormous following on the web. By means of this writers persistence it was found that Terrance McKenna didn’t engineer this distinctive cubensis.

RG gave us some footage from an previous DVD from the late 90’s when RG first produced the Penis Envy spores. On this DVD was all the unique grows of this pressure from the unique founder RG and these are some cool footage of gigantic Penis Envy cubes. These are the grandparents of the Penis Envy spores as we all know it at this time. These old style footage are from the unique founding father of this mutant pressure from the late 90’s they usually had been taken on an previous video digicam. The grandparents produced monster dimension mushrooms as this pressure nonetheless does a long time later. Nonetheless the Penis Envy cubensis are a little bit extra cussed then different cubensis. Our Austrian pals say they do not get large flushes from it, however what they do get are extraordinarily huge stable mushrooms which can be the thickest cubensis mushrooms each seen. Cubensis stems are hole inside, however the Penis Envy are dense with flesh, stuffed with shroomy goodness. This cubensis hardly drops any spores. As a result of spores are so laborious to acquire from this mushroom we’ve no selection however to boost the value for this cubensis however the reward is immense for this mushroom. Additionally to notice, these are the one cubensis spore syringes we promote which can be “mild” on spores as solely 5% of the mushrooms really drop spores. You’ll not obtain our signature spore clouded cubensis syringes with this pressure since spores are so tough to gather. As a result of spores are so laborious to acquire from this pressure we do run out of inventory frequently on this one. However often for no more then per week or two at a time. As nicely germination of spores is sluggish for this pressure. Cubensis spores usually germinate in three days however its not unusual to see the Penis Envy spores take 7 to 10 days for germination to happen. It might additionally take about three weeks to utterly fill a petri dish. So sure the Penis Envy is a sluggish colonizing pressure however the finish result’s why this cubensis has such an enormous following. Make certain to not write this pressure off as useless spores until you could have given it at the very least three to four weeks underneath a microscope. So long as you could have a little bit endurance, it is a nice pressure of cubensis spores for anyones assortment.

The Penis Envy has been the envy of many lab tech’s to cross this cubensis with different cubensis to create new hybrids. We stock top-of-the-line hybrids referred to as the Texas-PE6 which is a cross between the Texas Cubensis and the Penis Envy cubensis.

Additionally our latest pressure launched, Albino Penis Envy Reverted cubensis is a grandchild of the Penis Envy and we’re recommending all our buyer transfer to this new pressure. The Penis Envy is changing into increasingly more unstable through the years and contaminates too simply so we had JakeonCid create us a greater pressure. The Albino Penis Envy Reverted magic mushrooms are equally potent because the Penis Envy and has a lot of higher traits so you are not shedding something besides the distinctive penis look. Please solely order the Penis Envy in the event you’re a severe collector, and check out our Albino Penis Envy Reverted cubensis spores as a substitute.

When you nonetheless wish to order the Penis Envy pressure then it must be refrigerated. This pressure has a brief shelf life and can contaminate simply if ignored of the fridge. Due to this we are able to solely provide a 30 day assure on this pressure as a substitute of our normal 60 days. This coverage takes have an effect on April 13th, 2020.

Did we point out it’s above common efficiency for a cubensis as nicely. The cows we interviewed claimed it was about 1.5X stronger then the cubensis they usually eat rising within the pastures. 😉 So again to the penis factor. Properly yeah this mushroom is formed like a penis extra so then different shrooms however the women find it irresistible. Sorry guys recover from the identify and revel in it, this is without doubt one of the most original cubensis of the 21st century!

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