Many believe that ordering jewelry from a trusted master, we not only save money but also get a better, more reliable product than in a store.

In certain circumstances, this is true. However, there are situations when the work of jewelry shops becomes uncompetitive in the face of finished factory jewelry and is inferior to them both in terms of price and quality. today gold price in USD is per Gram 44.3.

One of such cases, according to a jeweler from Rostov-on-Don, can be considered the manufacture of a gold chain with classic weaving, (Anchor, Bismarck, Nonna, Rhombus).

The principle of manufacturing such jewelry, both in the factory and in the private workshop will be approximately the same and the quality of the products will be approximately equal when compared.

At the factory, at the jeweler, almost identical processes will be involved in the manufacture of the chain, for example with Bismarck weaving, with the exception of the fact that in one case they will be executed by machines, and in the second – by the hands of an experienced craftsman.

When conducting tests for tearing or pulling, both products (provided that the metal in them will be similar in composition) will show us the plus / minus the same characteristics. 22K gold rate is per Gram 44.3 USD.

However, the price of such jewelry will be seriously different!

For example, a gold chain with weaving Bismarck or Anchor can be purchased from 2000 rub per gram (including discounts and promotions).

At the same time, a one-year warranty will apply to the jewelry, and the product itself in many chain stores can be purchased both by installments and on credit.

If you order a similar “jewelry” from the master, then, first of all, you will need to purchase raw materials (scrap gold). On average, its price today is about 1700r per gram. In addition, you will also need to spend some money on trips for scrap to pawnshops and visiting the master himself.

Speaking of the master! The jeweler will also take a certain financial reward for his work.

According to a specialist from Rostov, if we are talking about a product weighing up to 4-6 grams, then the cost of work will average from 3500 to 5000 rubles.

If the weight is greater, then for each subsequent gram you will have to pay from 500 to 700 rubles (depending on the appetite of the master).

It turns out that the cost of manufacturing a chain from a jeweler will cost the customer at least 2500r per gram, which is significantly higher than the price of new jewelry in the store. In addition, if the product is more complex, for example, a pendant of its own design, then the price of a jeweler will rise at times.

The jeweler claims that ordering jewelry in the workshop should only be in the following cases:

  1. · If you already have gold for smelting and you don’t need to buy scrap.
  2. · If you want to make a product of personal design.
  3. · If you want to make the missing part or part from the kit (lost earring, clasp or brooch)

Thus, it turns out that when ordering products from a jeweler (if we do not have gold for smelting), we not only overpay a lot of money for the jewelry of similar quality and design but also get the product without a sample at an overpriced price. 

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